Wednesday Morning Moron Award 6-07-17

A Guy Dressed as the Tin Man Is Busted For Drunk Driving


 Life comes at you fast . . . one minute you're cosplaying "The Wizard of Oz", the next minute you're in jail realizing there's no place like home.


There's a 31-year-old guy named Nicholas Sherman in Sullivan, in upstate New York.  And he was hired to dress up as the Tin Man for a party on Saturday night. 


At least that's why he SAYS he was dressed as the Tin Man, so I guess we have to believe him.


Anyway, he was busted for driving drunk after he left the party and his blood-alcohol was more than twice the legal limit.  I guess the fact that he has blood pumping through his body proves he has a heart?


He's facing a DUI charge . . . and he's still wearing his silver face paint in his mugshot. 


(The Smoking Gun


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