Thursday Morning Moron Award 6-08-17

A Shoplifter Is Caught Shoving 15 Quarts of Motor Oil and a "Lassie" DVD Down His Pants


 This guy might be a criminal, but he's also got to be under consideration for World's Baggiest Pants.  So that's cool, I guess.


A 38-year-old guy named William Hall went into a 7-Eleven in Bartow, Florida last week wearing VERY baggy pants.


And he proceeded to shove 15 QUARTS of motor oil down them.  Once those were all in there, he also shoved 30 DVDs down his pants too.


We don't know all of the movies he picked, but from the photo the sheriff's office provided of his haul, we DO know one of them is for an animated version of "Lassie".


Anyway, a cop happened to be in his unmarked car in the parking lot at the time, and he saw the ENTIRE thing.  So as William waddled out of the store, he was arrested for felony theft. 


(Lakeland Ledger)


(Here's the picture of everything he stole.)



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