Diners at Ground Round in Grand Forks Pay It Forward

GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ-TV) - A local family got caught up in a line of kindness.

Stephanie Harry was out to dinner with her family at the Ground Round for their daughter Adrian's birthday one night.

But when they were done eating their 50 dollar meal, they got some surprising news.

Stephanie Harry, got meal paid for: "She was like ‘well, your tickets been paid for,’ and we were like what? A family of 5? We weren't expecting this from a stranger."

The Harrys weren't the only family to feel the love going around the Ground Round that night.

"She explained we were the 4th family in a pay it forward chain," says Harry.

Katie Basche was the waitress when the pay it forward began, when a random stranger pays for someone else.

"She asked for their tab, and I said oh do you know them and she said no I just like to help out, I just want to help people sometimes, and I said well that's really nice of you."

Normally, people pay it forward at a drive through or coffee shop, but this was a restaurant.

Melinda Joy, Manager: “You don't know how expensive the bill will be either so you're not expecting how much so it's cool."

A big act of kindness here at home.

Harry: "A family of five, that's a lot, that's not cheap, and we don't know who did it, whoever it was thank you.”


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