WATCH: Toddler gives baby bro a hand with jailbreak

A pair of astonished parents shared baby monitor footage of their toddler son helping his baby brother out with an adorable jailbreak.

The video, which the Lanings posted to the The Daily Bumps, the Facebook page chronicling their lives with sons Oliver and Finley, shows Oliver drop a small plastic chair into the crib with Finley.

Oliver then climbs into the crib, tells Finley to "do this," and demonstrates how to use the chair to climb over the rail.

"You can do it! Finn, jump to me!" Oliver says.

Finley, however, has trouble getting more than his arms over the edge, leading Oliver to lend a helping hand.

"You got it, Finn!" Oliver exclaims after both boys fall to the floor.

The video ends with the mischievous brothers sharing a hug.

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