Simple Trick to Make Your Kids Eat More Vegetables

Here's a Simple Trick to Make Your Kids Eat More Vegetables


  A new study figured out a pretty simple way to trick your kids into eating more vegetables without complaining the whole time.  Just jazz up the NAME a little bit . . .


Researchers at Stanford recently spent about a month changing up the signs next to vegetables in the cafeteria.  And they monitored how many students ate each vegetable when they called it different things.


They tried boring labels, like "corn" and "green beans."  They also tried things like "vitamin-rich corn" and "reduced-sodium corn."  It didn't make a huge difference though.


But when they used labels like "rich, buttery, roasted SWEET corn," 25% more students ate it . . . and the servings they took were 23% bigger.


The recipes never changed.  The "rich, buttery" corn was exactly the same as when they just called it "corn."  And it worked the same way with other vegetables too.


So if you make something your kids hate like spinach, try calling it "sweet spinach" and see what happens.  With young kids, you can have a little more fun with it if you want, and call it something like "Mom's Sizzlin' Sweet Spinach."



Originally posted on June 14th, 2017

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