A 132-Year-Old Lobster Was Set Free

A 132-Year-Old Lobster Was Set Free After 20 Years in Captivity


  There's a restaurant in Long Island, New York called Peter's Clam Bar.  And a giant lobster named Louie had been living in one of their fish tanks for about 20 years.


He weighs 22 pounds, and he's supposedly 132 YEARS OLD.  The oldest lobster ever was estimated to be about 140.  So he's one of the oldest on record.


A guy named Butch Yamali owns the place.  He bought it about four years ago, and says Louie's been like a pet to him.  But last week, some guy came in and asked to buy him so he could turn him into a huge Father's Day FEAST.


The guy offered $1,000.  Which is a lot for one lobster.  But Butch said he just couldn't do it.  So he turned the guy down . . . and decided to set Louie FREE instead.


He held a big ceremony, and got the town supervisor to "pardon" him.  Then they went out on a boat and released him back into the ocean.


Even though he's been in captivity for two decades, at least one expert says he'll be fine.  There just aren't many predators out there that could eat him.  And he might still be able to find a mate. 


(NY Post)


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