4 Summer Scams to Look Out For

Four Summer Scams to Look Out For


  There are all sorts of scams you have to look out for no matter what season it is.  But here are four that are a lot more common in the summer . . .


1.  Summer job scams.  People list fake jobs on Craigslist, or even in the newspaper. But before you can start, they say you have to give THEM money for things like tools and supplies.  Or they claim they need your credit card info as a deposit.


2.  Yard work and home improvement scams.  There's a common one where someone knocks on your door, and says they're doing work for your neighbor.  Then they offer to give you the same really low rate if you can pay in cash TODAY.


They include the neighbor part because that makes you more likely to trust them.  So just check with your neighbor before you do anything.


3.  Moving day scams.  About half the people who move this year will do it over the summer.  So that's why scams are more common.  The worst one is when you hire someone on Craigslist, and they hold all your stuff HOSTAGE until you pay up.


4.  Vacation scams.  You might see more spam in your email.  And if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.  There are also things called "travel clubs" where you have to buy a membership before you can access their deals.  Apparently most of those are scams too. 


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Originally posted on June 21st, 2017

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