The #1 Thing We Want to Do on Vacation Is . . .

The #1 Thing We Want to Do on Vacation Is . . . Nothing


 It's tempting to pack a million things into your vacation, because you want to make the most of it.  But then you end up exhausted and feel like you never even WENT on vacation.  So this makes sense . . .


According to a new survey, the number one thing we want to do on vacation is absolutely NOTHING.  Here are five stats from the survey . . .


1.  Almost 75% of people in the poll said resting and relaxing is important when they're on vacation.  The rest of the top five are sightseeing, 55% . . . experiencing local culture and food, 51% . . . being with family, 46% . . . and being out in nature, 45%.


2.  22% of women also said shopping is important.  Only 9% of men agreed.


3.  86% of people planning a vacation this year say they'll travel with at least one other person.  A very independent 14% of us will go it alone.


4.  42% of people said they dial back their time on social media when they're on vacation.  About a third don't even TRY to.  And 22% said they "completely disconnect."


5.  43% of people in the survey said they're NOT taking a summer vacation this year.  The top reasons were it's too expensive, and they can't take time off work.  And 3% said they just don't like taking time off work. 


(Associated Press)

Originally posted on June 22nd, 2017

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