Monday Morning Moron Award 6-26-17

A Drug Bust in a Retirement Village Uncovers a Golf Cart Chop Shop


 Who knew a retirement community could have such a dark, seedy underbelly?


Cops raided a home last week in The Villages in Florida, which is the world's largest retirement community.  They were looking for drugs, and they found them . . . specifically a whole meth operation.


But they also found evidence of a crime that's MUCH more unique to a retirement community:  A golf cart CHOP SHOP.


Golf carts are the main way people get around in The Villages.  And these people were taking in stolen golf carts and chopping them up for parts to sell.


The five people in the house are all between 42 and 63 years old.  They're all facing several charges. 


(Palm Beach Post / Villages News)

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