#Trending - Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

America Has Voted . . . Here Are the Ten Best Ice Cream Flavors


A new poll had people rank the best ice cream flavors, and we fully expected a BORING pick at #1 . . . either chocolate or vanilla.  But apparently we're NOT quite that boring . . .


More than 5,000 people voted online, and COOKIES AND CREAM took first place.  Here are the top ten . . . 

1.  Cookies and cream.


2.  Chocolate.


3.  Vanilla.


4.  Mint chocolate chip.


5.  Strawberry.  Neapolitan with vanilla, chocolate, AND strawberry came in 12th.


6.  Regular chocolate chip.


7.  French vanilla.  If they'd lumped it in with regular vanilla, it probably would have come in first.  They're different though.  Real "French vanilla" ice cream has eggs in it.


8.  Rocky road.


9.  Coffee.


10.  Peanut butter cup. 



Originally posted on June 27th, 2017

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