Thursday Morning Moron Award 6-29-17

A Couple Tries to Return Items They Bought With Counterfeit Cash . . . and Gets the Same Fake Bills Back


There's kind of an elegant symmetry in this stupidity.


A couple went to a Victoria's Secret in Fairfield, Connecticut on Monday and bought $780 worth of stuff using counterfeit $50 and $100 bills.  (And, I guess, a real $10 and a real $20.)


Then they went back later in the day and tried to return the items for money.  Their plan was to get back real bills . . . but it all fell apart when their fake ones were the only large bills in the register.


So when the cashier handed it to them, the woman looked at the bills and said, quote, "These are fake."


The cashier QUICKLY figured out what happened and when she threatened to call the cops, the couple took off.


The police are investigating. 


(Fairfield Citizen)

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