120 People Couldn't Find Two Missing Dogs, So....


  A study last year found your dog might actually love YOU more than it loves food.  Consider this an official challenge to those results . . .


A 21-year-old guy in northern England was out hiking two weekends ago with his parents' dogs . . . two miniature schnauzers named Charlie and Theo.  Then a thick fog rolled in, and he lost track of them.


 His parents' names are Liz and Graham Hampson.  They ended up camping out overnight where the dogs went missing, and kept calling their names.  But they didn't show up.  So they organized a massive search-and-rescue operation.


About 120 people went looking for the dogs.  They also used two drones to try to spot them from the air.  But four days later, they were still missing.


So as a last resort, Liz and Graham went back to where they were last seen . . . fired up a grill . . . and threw a few SAUSAGES on there.  And as soon as the smell started wafting through the air, both dogs showed up out of nowhere.


Liz says they give them the same type of sausages for breakfast every Sunday, and they love them.  But she never actually thought it would work. 


(The Telegraph)

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