Is This Outfit Teal & Gray, or Pink and White?

I feel like it's been FOREVER since the Internet got to debate whether some piece of clothing was one color or another.  Realistically, it's probably only been a few months, but ever since The Dress in 2015, it's the longest layoff we've ever had.


The newest color confusion comes from a woman's Nike tank top, shorts, and sandals.  Some people think they're teal and gray . . . other people think they're pink and white.


According to a poll on Buzzfeed, over 90% of people are seeing teal and gray, but there's still a small, angry group of pink and white believers . . . including the woman who originally posted it.  Although the clothing retailer BiNorth is claiming the outfit is blue and grey . . . and they're selling it for $120.  



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