Delta Flight Attendant Smashes Passenger With Wine Bottle

A Delta Flight Attendant Smashes a Passenger With a Wine Bottle to Keep Him From Opening the Exit Door in Midair



A 23-year-old guy named Joseph Hudek was on a Delta Airlines flight from Seattle to Beijing on Thursday night, and about an hour into the flight, he went NUTS.


He started trying to open the exit door, and he was PUNCHING anyone who tried to stop him.


Eventually, one of the flight attendants WHACKED him over the head with a WINE BOTTLE to stop him . . . and then a bunch of other passengers tackled him and held him down while the plane flew back to Seattle. 


The U.S. Attorney's Office charged him with interfering with a flight crew.


And according to Delta, it's a good thing his meltdown didn't happen any earlier into the flight . . . because if the plane had been at a lower altitude, he actually might've been able to get the door open. 


(Washington Post)

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