Monday Morning Moron Award 7-10-17

A Woman Leaves Her Kid in a Hot Car, Then Asks Cops to Crank the A/C on Her Way to Jail


  A 30-year-old woman in South Daytona, Florida named Colleen Walker left her 5-year-old son in a hot car last month while she shopped at a Dollar General store.  And someone called 911 after they heard the kid screaming.


She left the driver's side window open.  But the temperature inside the car still got up to 107 degrees, and he was in there for almost 30 minutes.


Colleen claimed he was only there for 12 minutes, and it wasn't a big deal.  But the cops checked the store's security footage, and he was actually there for 28 minutes.


Luckily he's okay.  But they told her they've seen kids DIE after just 15 minutes at temperatures that high.


She just kept arguing though, and claimed it wasn't a big deal.  So they arrested her for child neglect.  And you KNOW they'll use this next part in court . . .


While they were driving her to the station, she complained that the back of the cop car was TOO HOT, and asked them to crank the A/C.  She's facing a maximum of five years in jail if she's convicted.


(WFTV / Daytona Beach News-Journal)

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