Guy Gets Arrested...& Proposes to Girlfriend in Handcuffs

A Guy Gets Arrested . . . and Proposes to His Girlfriend in Handcuffs


 I'm sure when this woman was picturing getting engaged, this is EXACTLY how she imagined her fairy tale would go.


A 35-year-old guy named Brandon Thompson from Muskogee, Oklahoma was celebrating the Fourth of July last week with his girlfriend Leandria Keith when the cops came to arrest him on six outstanding warrants.


And when the cops cuffed him, he decided THAT was the moment to propose to Leandria.


So the police let him drop down to one knee and ask her to marry him.  She said yes.


His outstanding warrants are for things like possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a controlled substance, and failure to appear in court.


 Those could lead to some serious prison time . . . so this might be a long engagement. 


(UPI / CBS 6 - Tulsa

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