4 Ways to Save Money at Restaurants

Four Ways to Save Money at Restaurants


 A recent study found the average millennial eats out at restaurants five times a week.  So it's no wonder everyone's strapped for cash.  Obviously learning to COOK can save you a lot of money.  But when you do go out to eat, here are four tricks that can save you some cash . . .


1.  Check out the menu beforehand.  And maybe even decide what to eat before you get to there, so you don't order on impulse and spend too much.  Also, see if they have a happy hour, and get there in time to order before the prices go back up.


2.  Order drinks by the bottle, or by the pitcher.  Obviously that only works if you're sharing with someone, and planning to have more than one drink.  If you only want one glass of wine, then that's still the cheaper option.


3.  Go vegetarian.  It might sound awful.  But you don't ALWAYS have to have meat with every meal.  Vegetarian options are almost always cheaper, and also healthier.


4.  Skip dessert, and go to an ice cream place nearby.  Check Yelp first, so you know where to go.  You'll end up spending half of what you would on a dessert at most restaurants.  Plus it adds another event and extends the whole meal.


That said, it might not make sense if you've got four kids or something.  Then they'll ALL want their own ice cream, and you might have been better off just sharing one big dessert at the restaurant. 




Originally posted on July 13th, 2017

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