A Repairman Gets Stuck In an ATM

A Repairman Stuck Behind an ATM Slips a Note Through the Receipt Slot That Says, "Help. I'm Stuck in Here"


If this happened to me, I'd be 100% SURE it was some sort of YouTube prank.  I wouldn't try to help.  I'd just start looking for hidden cameras . . .


Someone in Corpus Christie, Texas was using a Bank of America ATM on Wednesday afternoon.  And where the receipt usually comes out, they got a handwritten NOTE instead.


The note said, "Please help.  I'm STUCK in here.  I don't have my phone.  Please call my boss."  Then there was a phone number at the end.  And it turned out it wasn't a prank.  Someone really WAS trapped in there.


A repairman was working in a room behind the ATM when he accidentally locked himself inside.  And he left his phone in his truck, so he couldn't call for help.


Apparently he passed several notes through the ATM, and the first few people thought it was a joke.  But someone finally took it seriously and called the cops.


When they got there, they could hear the faint sound of his voice through the wall.  They had to knock the door down to get him out, and he's okay. 



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