Couple Is Looking For Special Wedding Photographer

A Couple Is Looking For a Wedding Photographer on Craigslist . . . Who'll Also Take Pictures While They Consummate the Marriage


  I guess this couple really wants to preserve memories of their ENTIRE wedding night.


A couple in Madison, Wisconsin posted an ad on Craigslist a few weeks ago that just started going viral.


They're getting married later this year, and they need a photographer who won't just take pictures of the ceremony and reception . . . but also when they're back in their room CONSUMMATING their marriage.


They say they're virgins who saved themselves for marriage and, quote, "we understand our first time will be awkward but do not think it will be that much more awkward for the photographer to be there."


And they say they really want their first time documented, quote, "in a beautiful and tasteful way."


There's no word if they've found a good photographer yet. 


 (City Pages)

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