What Is the Most Popular Recipe in Every State

What's the Most Popular Recipe in Every State?


  I'm pretty sure the most popular recipe in every state is "not cooking and going out for dinner."  So, really, this study found the SECOND-most popular recipe.


There's a study on Thrillist.com right now showing what RECIPE people in every state Googled the most.


The most popular recipe is BANANA BREAD, weirdly enough, with three states searching for it more than anything else:  Kansas, Nevada, and New Mexico.


Other recipes that were number one in at least two states are:  Cake . . . cheesecake . . . chili . . . cookies . . . frosting . . . gravy . . . and tacos.


It's hard to say which state has the WORST taste, but I guess Idaho makes the most sense . . . their top search is "zucchini recipes."  (Thrillist


(Here's the full list.)

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