Thursday Morning Moron Award 7-20-17

A Guy Reports a Fake Shooting So Cops Will Find His Phone Faster


  I know it feels like you couldn't survive without your phone.  And if you can't find it for more than five minutes, you're basically on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  But THIS is a little extreme . . .


A 23-year-old guy in Florida named Eric Ross called 911 on Sunday to report a SHOOTING inside a house in Daytona Beach.


A bunch of cops responded and showed up with their guns drawn.  But once they got there, he told them he made it up . . . because his PHONE was in the house, and he couldn't get inside to get it.


It turned out he called 911 earlier that day and said the person who lived there might have it.  Then when the cops didn't show up, he decided to make up the story about a shooting.


He knew it was a little risky too, because he told the operator to make sure the cops didn't SHOOT him when they got there.  They did initially point their guns at him.


He was arrested for misusing 911.  And it turned out he tried to break into the house to look for his phone before he called.  So he's also facing burglary charges.  (Palm Beach Post) 

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