#Trending - Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

A Study Finds Money Can Buy Happiness . . . Even If You Aren't Rich


 One of the most famous clichés ever is:  "Money can't buy you happiness."  Well . . . a new study says that's just BLATANTLY untrue.


Researchers at Harvard Business School just wrapped up a study of almost 4,500 people that found money can, in fact, buy you happiness.  And it can do it even if you aren't rich.


The study found that paying someone to do, quote, "unenjoyable daily tasks" to give you more free time will make you SIGNIFICANTLY more satisfied with your life.


And it worked even when people spent pretty reasonable amounts on help, like less than $80 a month, to take care of things like cooking, shopping, and their chores. 


(Los Angeles Times)

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