Coke Zero is Getting a New Name and a New Taste

Coke Zero is Getting a New Name and a New Taste


Apparently Coca-Cola has finally recovered from the NEW COKE disaster . . . because they're tempting fate again.


They just announced they're killing off Coke Zero next month and replacing it with a new drink called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.  The cans will look pretty much like traditional red Coke cans, but with the words "Zero Sugar" added.


But it's not just the same stuff with a new name and new packaging . . . it's ALSO got a new formula and slightly different taste.


And they're doing a LOT to make sure this isn't a repeat of the New Coke thing.  They spent five years researching it, and then tested it by replacing Coke Zero in 25 countries before bringing it here.


It's still a risk though . . . and based on the reaction on social media yesterday, people aren't thrilled with the idea.


"Coke Zero" was trending pretty much all day on Twitter . . . and it's safe to say most of the tweets were not, "I'm so excited they're getting rid of Coke Zero and replacing it with something new!" 


(USA Today)



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