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A Bride Is Holding an Auction Where Her Friends Can Bid to be Bridesmaids


 This is either a brilliant new way to make money or one of THE most obnoxious ideas ever conceived.


A 33-year-old woman just posted on Reddit about what her 22-year-old sister is doing for her wedding.


Her sister is getting married at the end of next month, and she still hasn't picked her wedding party.


So she just sent out invitations to a ton of her friends where they can BID MONEY to be one of her bridesmaids.  And whichever six girls spend the most will get the spots . . . and the one who has the highest bid of all will get the maid-of-honor role. 


One of the reasons the woman is upset at her sister is because her fiancé is RICH, so she doesn't even need the money.


Oh, and she's also upset because her sister and her mom have been yelling at her for not putting in HER bid on the auction yet. 


(New York Post)

Originally posted on July 28th, 2017

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