What's Your Best Insult That Doesn't Use Profanity?

What's Your Best Insult That Doesn't Use Profanity?


There are very few things in life that are as satisfying as nailing someone with a perfect insult.


There's a discussion on Reddit right now where people are sharing their BEST insult . . . and just to make things more artistic and less crude, they're only sharing ones that don't include profanity.


Here are some of our favorites . . .


1.  "I don't know why you're playing hard-to-get when you're so hard to want."


2.  "You're the human equivalent of a participation award."


3.  "Your grades say 'marry rich', but your face says 'study harder.'"


4.  "You're impossible to underestimate."


5.  "I would've been your dad, but your mom didn't have change for a $5."


6.  "Whoever told you to be yourself couldn't have given you worse advice."


7.  "That's why everybody talks about you behind your back."


8.  "You aren't being the person Mr. Rogers wanted you to be." 



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