#Trending - Monday, July 31st, 2017

Is Owning a Cat the Hot New Trend For Men?


 If there was ever a stigma around men having CATS as pets, I guess it's gone now . . . because apparently, guys can't get enough.


According to a new survey, 17% of men now own a cat.  Just a year ago, only 13% owned cats . . . so that's a pretty big jump.


One guy in the survey explained why he made the switch from a dog to a cat. 


Quote, "Cats don't need the attention a dog does, but when it gives you attention, it's not false.  They select who they want to be with." 


(The Telegraph)


(And in a story that's sort of related, a guy in Quebec hit a bus driver with a baseball bat after the driver told him he couldn't let his pet cat roam around the bus.)

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