A Man Hit the Lottery For the 2nd Time in 3 Months, Gives Away Money

A Man Hit the Lottery For the Second Time in Three Months, and Gave the Money to Random Strangers


Some people have all the luck.  And it pays to know those people, because sometimes their luck can rub off.


There's a 77-year-old retired truck driver in Liberty, Maine who hit the lottery for $2 million back in April.  (Liberty is about 50 miles southwest of Bangor.)


His first name is Hal, but we don't know his last name.  He took home $1.4 million after taxes.  And he's been using some of it to buy MORE lottery tickets.  Apparently he just likes the thrill of it though.  Because check this out . . .


Last month he bought 56 lottery tickets for a game called Pick 3, and used the same three numbers for ALL 56 tickets.  Which makes no sense, except he WON again.


All three numbers matched the winning numbers, and the payout for each ticket was $420.  So combined, that's $23,520.  But instead of keeping the money or buying more tickets, he gave them all away.


He went to his favorite restaurant, and handed them out to all the staff.  One girl had only been there two days, and she got one.  Then he went back a few days later to hand out more, and gave the rest to random people at gas stations and a grocery store.


He told a local news station that he's done stuff like this in the past, even before he was rich.  But he'd never done it on that scale before. 



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