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The Odds of Meeting the Love of Your Life on Any Given Day Are 1 in 562?


  When you've been single a long time, it starts to seem like there's just no one out there.  But according to a new study, your odds of finding someone are probably better than you think . . .


A mathematician in England worked with a team of researchers to figure out all the big requirements and deal-breakers people have when it comes to dating.


And she calculated that if you don't even TRY, the odds of meeting someone you could fall in love with on any given day are 1 in 562.  Those are the odds for people in England.  It's not clear how well it would translate if you ran the numbers in the U.S. 

She also found seven things you can do to give yourself even better odds . . . and online dating is number one.


Using an online dating site ups your chances by 17%.  Hanging out with coworkers and their friends is next at 16%.  And talking to people at the gym is third at 15%.


Meeting people through a shared interest or hobby gives you an 11% boost.  Talking to people at bars, 9% . . . meeting your friends' friends, 4% . . . and being set up on dates by a family member only gives you a 1% boost. 


(Daily Mail)

Originally posted on August 4th, 2017

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