Worst Things People Have Done During Job Interviews

The Worst Things People Have Done During Job Interviews


This should give you confidence if you're applying for new jobs . . . because a lot of THESE people are your competition.  And compared to them, you're EXTREMELY hirable.


Right now, on Reddit.com, bosses are sharing some of the worst things that people have done during job interviews.  Here are five of the highlights . . .


1.  "Interviewee showed up 10 minutes late, told us the clock was wrong, took it off the wall and adjusted it."


2.  "I asked, 'How would you handle a conflict with another coworker?' and he told me about how at his last job, his girlfriend got knocked up by another coworker and he never fought the guy at work . . . just when they were off the clock."


3.  "A twentysomething woman with a good resume showed up with her mom, and actually expected her mom to come into the interview."


4.  "A woman talked about her breasts, her ex stalking her, how she always carries a gun . . . and then gave a long, graphic description of how her last job at Burger King once required her to clean up poop with pennies in it." 


5.  "I work for Nike.  A candidate came in wearing Adidas sneakers." 



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