A College Football Player Who's Never Played Gets Surprised

A College Football Player Who's Never Played Gets Surprised with a Full Scholarship


 You might have seen this on "SportsCenter" the other day.  But it's such a great story, we don't mind telling it again . . .


23-year-old Justin Juenemann has been a back-up kicker for the University of Minnesota football team for the past three seasons.  And he's never played in a game.


He's famous at a nearby children's hospital though, because he's there all the time hanging out with kids.  So last week, the team's new coach surprised him by bringing one of the kids in during a team meeting.


A teenager named Kyle Tanner showed up to talk about the challenges he's faced because of a rare bone marrow disease he has.  And he also talked about Justin, and how he sees him at the hospital more than any other player.


Then Justin's coach said Kyle wanted to shoot a new T-shirt cannon they got.  So he let him fire a shirt to Justin near the back of the room, and he caught it.


And when he unrolled it, there was a message on the front that said he was getting a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for his senior year.


His reaction was pretty great.  His teammates' reaction was even better.  And there's also a clip of his MOM freaking out when he Facetimed her to tell her about the scholarship. 



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