94-Year-Old Put a Pool in His Backyard for Kids to Use

A 94-Year-Old Put a Pool in His Backyard for Kids to Use


There's a 94-year-old retired judge named Keith Davison who lives in Morris, Minnesota.  (About 150 miles west of Minneapolis.)  And unfortunately, he lost his wife Evy to cancer last year.  So he was pretty lonely after that.


They were married 66 years and had three kids.  But he doesn't have any grandchildren.  So he decided to attract a few HONORARY grandkids by installing an in-ground POOL in his backyard.


His town doesn't have a swimming pool that's open to the public.  So he told his neighbors he was going to put in his OWN public pool, and they thought it was just talk.


But then he started the installation this past spring . . . had it ready to go by July . . . even put in a diving board . . . and said ANYONE with kids was welcome.  So now he's got people around all the time.


They're even allowed to use it when he's not home.  His only rule is there has to be a parent or grandparent watching them. 


Obviously it was a major expense, and so is the upkeep.  But Keith says he doesn't care.  He's just glad to have people around, and he loves having kids there all the time.


He told a local news station that losing his wife was really tough.  But he's happy now, because he's got something better to do than just sit around staring at the walls all day. 




(Here are some photos of Keith and his new pool.)


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