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A Woman Lost Her Engagement Ring, and Found It 13 Years Later in a Carrot


There's an 84-year-old woman near Edmonton named Mary Grams who lost her engagement ring while she was pulling weeds in her garden in 2004.


She searched for a few weeks, but couldn't find it.  So she bought a replacement ring without telling her husband.  She says she was too embarrassed to tell him about it.


But now all's right with the world again.  Because Mary's daughter-in-law was picking vegetables from the same garden recently . . . and FOUND the ring embedded in a CARROT.


It looks like the carrot started growing through the ring, and got too big for it.  So the middle is a lot skinnier, and the ring is wrapped around it.


The only person Mary told about it back then was her son.  So he remembered the story, and knew it was hers as soon as his wife showed it to him.


Mary's husband passed away about five years ago, so she's pretty excited to have the ring back.  Apparently he never found out she lost it.  But she says if he was still around, he'd think the whole thing was hilarious.


By the way, this isn't the first time something like this has happened.  Just last year, a guy in Germany found his wedding band three years after he lost it gardening.  And that ring was ALSO lodged in a carrot. 


(CBC / Global News)


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