A Teacher Getting Married Wants Donations for Homeless Students

A Teacher Is Getting Married, and Wants Donations for Homeless Students Instead of Gifts


A woman named Rickee Stewart teaches business and accounting at a large high school near Salt Lake City, Utah.  And she recently found out a surprising number of her students are HOMELESS.


The entire high school has about 2,500 kids.  And 110 of them are homeless.  So they can't afford school supplies, and don't always have enough to eat.


When she realized what a problem it is, she wanted to help.  And she's getting married next month.    So instead of asking for gifts . . . she's asking all of her guests for DONATIONS.


The kids need everything from canned foods to backpacks, shoes, and winter coats.  And the response has already been pretty amazing. 


A bunch of her wedding guests have donated stuff.  And complete strangers who heard about it have also been sending stuff from all over the country.


If you want to help out, just search for the name Rickee Stewart on the website DonorsChoose.org



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