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Hurricane Harvey Round-Up: A Reporter Saved a Truck Driver, Budweiser Is Bottling Drinking Water, Airbnb Is Letting People Stay for Free, and More


 There's been a lot of bad news coming out of southeast Texas because of Hurricane Harvey.  The flooding in Houston and other cities is pretty devastating.  But there are also a few inspiring stories we wanted to highlight . . .


1.  A reporter for a CBS station in Houston was out getting footage on Sunday when she spotted a big rig that was half-submerged in water.  So she flagged down a cop . . . got the driver rescued . . . and may have saved his life.  (Here's video that includes the reporter flagging down the cops.)


(And here's the rescue.)


2.  Search and rescue teams have been overwhelmed trying to rescue flood victims.  So people from all over Texas and OTHER states have been showing up with their boats and jet skis to help.


Some of them are with a group from Louisiana called "Cajun Navy," which formed after Hurricane Katrina.  Three members of that group found a 73-year-old woman floating facedown in Houston yesterday . . . did CPR . . . and saved her life.


3.  Companies have also been stepping up.  Anheuser-Busch stopped making beer at a brewery in Georgia, and started bottling drinking water instead.  And the company that makes Miller Lite and Coors is doing it too.


Combined, they've already donated over 200,000 cans of water for hurricane victims.


4.  Hundreds of people were stranded at the Houston airport over the weekend when all flights were grounded.  But Southwest Airlines did five free "rescue flights" from Houston to Dallas Sunday night, and got about 500 people out.


5.  Airbnb is helping users in Texas take people in.  They're letting members list their places for ZERO DOLLARS, and not charging any fees.  Last we checked, nearly 300 people were offering up warm beds for hurricane victims free of charge.


6.  And people who can't be there to help have been donating to groups like the Red Cross.  You can give $10 by texting "HARVEY" to the number 90999.  Or you can get a link and donate to the Salvation Army by texting "STORM" to 51555.


("Business Insider" has a running list of inspiring stories about the hurricane.  You can check it out here.)

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