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These Companies Are Donating Over $1 Million to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims


 Hurricane Harvey looks like it could be one of the costliest natural disasters EVER.


It broke a record yesterday for most rainfall from a tropical storm in the U.S.  Some areas near Houston have gotten 50 INCHES in less than a week, which is more than they normally get in a whole year.


Thousands of people have needed rescuing . . . at least 14 people have died . . . and that number could go up.


We've seen a lot of inspiring stories about people helping though.  And it turns out some of America's biggest companies are stepping up too, by donating over a MILLION DOLLARS EACH to help with relief efforts. 


Apple might have pledged the most so far.  They've already donated $2 million to the Red Cross.  And for every dollar an employee gives, they'll donate another $2.


Other companies that have already pledged over $1 million include Amazon, Chevron, CitiBank, Home Depot, JP Morgan, Pepsi, UPS, Walmart, Wells Fargo, and the investment firm Intercontinental Exchange.


There are also a bunch of companies that have given at least $100,000, including Exxon, Ford, Google, Starbucks, and United Airlines. 


(Huffington Post / CNN Money)

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