Tuesday Morning Moron Award 9/05/17

Another Handsome Criminal Got a Modeling Career From a Mugshot


  At this point, if you want to become a male model, the best route may be going out and robbing a bank or stealing a car.  And getting caught.  Gotta get caught.


Because ANOTHER criminal just got a modeling career thanks to his mugshot.


The most famous case is a guy named Jeremy Meeks, whose mugshot went viral back in 2014 . . . and when he got out of prison, he immediately jumped into a modeling career.


And now, a 20-year-old guy named Mekhi Lucky from Raleigh, North Carolina just followed the same path.


He was arrested in April of last year for getting into a police chase in a stolen car.  And his mugshot went viral because he was good looking . . . and he has a condition where his EYES are different colors.  One is blue, one is brown.


And now that he's out of prison, he was snapped up by a modeling agency, and he just did his first fashion shoot last month.  


(Huffington Post

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