Millionaire Took in 70 Foster Kids Displaced by Hurricane Irma

A Millionaire Took in 70 Foster Kids Who Were Displaced by Hurricane Irma


There's a 50-year-old, filthy-rich guy named Marc Bell who lives in Boca Raton, Florida.  And he made a lot of his money PEDDLING filth.  He used to own "Penthouse" magazine.  So judge him if you want, but check this out . . .


He's on the board of directors for a foster kids program.  And about 70 of the kids had nowhere to go after their shelters got slammed by Hurricane Irma.


So this week, he and his wife invited all the kids to come stay with THEM in their $30 million MANSION.


It's about 27,000 square feet with eight bedrooms . . . 16 bathrooms . . . a pool . . . a basketball court . . . a home theater . . . and a game room that includes a pool table, air hockey, and a ton of arcade games.


They also hired a guitar player the other day to come do a sing-a-long.  They brought manicurists in to do all the girls' nails.  And they hired an entertainer named Bobby the Balloon Guy to perform.


It's not clear how long the kids are staying, but Marc and his wife say it was a no-brainer.  It sounds like they'll be there at least until their shelters get fixed up and have power again.


If you want to help with repairs, there's a GoFundMe page where you can donate.  Just search for "Help the Kids of S.O.S." on 


(Miami Herald)

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