11% of Us Have a Plan in Case There's a Zombie Apocalypse

11% of Us Have a Plan in Case There's a Zombie Apocalypse


Do you have a plan in case there is ever a REAL zombie apocalypse?  According to a new survey, 11% of us DO.  And the main takeaway is you can't rely on that well-armed neighbor down the street to save you . . .


Only 6% of people said they'd try to team up with other survivors.  That's just 6% of the people with a plan though.  The rest of us who don't have a plan might team up.


Here are the top seven things we'd do in a zombie apocalypse . . . 


1.  Find a good place to hole up, where it's hard for the zombies to get you.  45% of people who DO have a plan said that's part of it.


2.  Gather supplies like food, water, and first aid stuff, 43%.


3.  Relocate.  Especially if you're in a big city with lots of potential zombies, 29%.


4.  Find weapons, 23%.


5.  Meet up with family members and close friends, 15%.


6.  Go out and start killing zombies, 13%.  A few psychos said they'd also start killing other SURVIVORS.


7.  Try to team up with other random survivors, 6%.  There were also a few people who think their strategy is so good, they don't want anyone else to know about it.  9% refused to reveal what their plans are.  



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