Why You Should Never Try To cook a Rattlesnake....

A Guy Tries to Cook a Rattlesnake . . . and Winds Up Blacked Out in the Hospital For Five Days When It Bites Him


There are many, many reasons why I'd never try to cook a RATTLESNAKE for dinner . . . but this might be number one.


A 48-year-old guy named Victor Pratt in Coolidge, Arizona was hosting his child's birthday party earlier this month when a rattlesnake showed up in the yard.  And Victor started showing off by GRABBING IT . . . so he could cook it on the grill.


But when he posed for pictures wrestling with the snake, he lost his grip on its head . . . and it BIT him twice.


He was rushed to the hospital, where he immediately got treatment . . . and it's a good thing he did, because after about a half hour more, he would've DIED.


The treatment was so hardcore that Victor was BLACKED OUT in the hospital for five days.


Now he's home recovering . . . and he says he learned his lesson.  Quote, "Ain't gonna play with snakes no more." 


(USA Today

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