Woman Lost Engagement Ring Changing a Flat, and a Cop Went Back to Find it

A Woman Lost Her Engagement Ring While Changing a Flat, and a Cop Went Back to Find It for Her


You know the guy here did this just to be nice.  Because obviously the girl is already spoken for . . .


A woman in New Jersey named Kimberly Garcia blew a tire last Sunday, and had to change it herself.  She's engaged, but apparently her fiancé wasn't with her.  


And while she was changing the tire, her ENGAGEMENT RING fell off.


She didn't realize it was missing until she got home.  Then she went back to where it happened, and couldn't find it. 


But a cop named Jon Henderson . . . who's around the same age . . . went back the next day in his SPARE TIME to look for it.  And HE found it on the side of the road.


He ended up getting it back to her.  And someone at his precinct posted a photo where they're posing together, and the ring is back on her finger. 




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