5 Out of 6 Spins Hit the Jackpot on "The Price is Right"

Things went NUTS with the wheel on "The Price is Right" on Friday.  The show had to shell out $80,000 when five out of six spins hit the jackpot.  Here are all the times it happened.  (It's the wheel you spin to make it to the Showcase Showdown.  If you get to $1.00 without going over, you get a $1,000 bonus and another spin.  But they changed the bonus to $10,000 on Friday, to celebrate Drew Carey's 10th anniversary as host.  And all THREE contestants hit it.  Then two of them hit $1.00 AGAIN on their bonus spin.  And the jackpot on the bonus spin was $25,000.  That's 80 grand in five spins.  If you watch the show, that's really rare, so some people think it was rigged.)

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