125 People in a Row 'Paid it Forward' at McDonald's Drive-Thru

125 People in a Row 'Paid it Forward' at a McDonald's Drive-Thru


Last Thursday morning, a woman went through the drive-thru at a McDonald's in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, just outside Biloxi.


And she said she wanted to pay for the person BEHIND her too.  Apparently she didn't know them, she was just being nice.  But then that person followed her lead . . . and so did the next person.


The general manager says the pay-it-forward thing actually happens a lot at that McDonald's.  But it usually doesn't last long.  Maybe 5 or 10 cars before someone just takes their free food and bolts.


But this time, it kept going for about an HOUR.  And in the end, 125 people in a row paid for the person behind them before they left. 


(ABC13.com / WLOX)

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