Top 10 Things Couples Would Change About Each Other

The Top Ten Things Couples Would Change About Each Other


1,500 married couples were asked what they'd CHANGE about each other if they could.


The average woman would change four things about her husband.  And the average guy would change SIX things about his wife.  Here are the top ten for both, starting with things women would change about their husband . . .


1.  They'd make him less grumpy.  35% of wives agreed with that one.


2.  They'd make him listen more when they talk, 30%.


3.  They'd get rid of some of his bad habits, 25%.  They didn't say which ones.


4.  They'd make him more appreciative, 25%.


5.  They'd make him help more around the house, 21%.


6.  They'd make him eat healthier, 14%.


7.  They'd get him to spend less money, 13%.


8.  They'd make him cut down on the drinking, 13%.


9.  They'd make him always put the toilet seat down, 12%.


10.  They'd make him more emotionally intelligent, 12%.


Now here are the top ten things men would change about their wives . . .


1.  They'd make her more affectionate, 23%.


2.  They'd make her happier in general, 22%.


3.  They'd get her to be more adventurous in bed, 20%.


4.  They'd have her clean the house more, 18%.  (???)


5.  They'd make her more appreciative, 17%.  So that one was in the top five for both.


6.  They'd make her live a healthier lifestyle, 16%.  Which kind of sounds like a nice way of saying LOSE WEIGHT.  But getting her to stop being OBSESSED with her weight also made the top 20.  So who knows?


7.  They'd want her to have more energy, so she's not tired all the time, 16%.


8.  They'd dress her in sexier clothes, 16%.


9.  They'd make her spend less money, 14%.


10.  It's a three-way tie between "Have more fun" . . . "Be less of a control freak" . . . and "Stop watching bad TV shows."  13% of guys agreed with all three of those.



The good news is it looks like most of us are willing to stick it out even if the person DOESN'T change.  Only 13% of the people in the survey said they think they might have ended up with the wrong person. 



(Daily Mail)

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