Groom Jumped Into River in His Suit to Save Kid from Drowning

A Groom Jumped Into a River in His Suit to Save a Kid from Drowning


 A couple named Clayton and Brittany Cook got married in Ontario, Canada last Friday.  (We're not sure how old they are, but they look like they're in their late 20s.)


Then after the ceremony, they went to a park to take some wedding photos next to a river.  And while they were there, Clayton saw a little kid fall in the water and go under.


Brittany was doing some solo shots with the wedding photographer.  And by the time she looked over, Clayton had already jumped down IN HIS SUIT to save the kid.


He pulled him out of the river.  And now one of the shots their photographer got is blowing up on Facebook.  The kid looks about four or five.  Apparently his friends pushed him in.


Brittany says she was confused at first, and didn't know why Clayton would have jumped in the water in his suit.  But he's a great guy . . . so when she found out why he did it, she wasn't surprised. 


(CTV News)


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