TV Characters That Ended Up with the Wrong Person

12 TV Characters Who Ended Up with the Wrong Person


 There's a new list of '12 TV Characters Who Ended Up with the Wrong Person' . . . meaning that at the end of the show, they didn't end up being with the significant other that they should have.


Thankfully, it sticks to FICTIONAL characters . . . otherwise it would just be filled with virtually every couple from "The Bachelor"and "The Bachelorette".  Here's the list:


1.  Ted and Robin on "How I Met Your Mother"


2.  Jackie and Fez on "That '70s Show"


3.  Ross and Rachel on "Friends" . . . Sure, this is the pairing every FAN wanted, but the list argues that Ross didn't DESERVE Rachel.


4.  Rory and Logan on "Gilmore Girls"


5.  Amber and Peter on "Parenthood"


6.  Ryan and Taylor on "The O.C."


7.  Damon and Elena on "The Vampire Diaries"


8.  Emma and Spinner in "Degrassi"


9.  Rachel and Jesse on "Glee"


10.  Veronica and Logan on "Veronica Mars"


11.  Chris and Ann on "Parks and Recreation"


12.  Joey and Pacey on "Dawson's Creek"



(Hit up to see the whole list. 

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