Wednesday Morning Moron Award (From Minneapolis) 10/14/17

A Guy Is Busted Doing Dangerous Highway Motorcycle Tricks in a Full Panda Costume


One day, we'll reach a point where the police need to start new divisions JUST focused on people who are trying to do illegal stuff to go viral.


The Minnesota State Troopers spotted a guy speeding down Interstate 394 back on August 31st.  He was on a motorcycle . . . he was doing a bunch of dangerous stuff . . . oh, and he was wearing a full PANDA costume, including a big stuffed head.


Fortunately, the guy didn't crash as he rode no-handed and weaved in and out of traffic . . . and the cops were able to catch up with him and pull him over. 


He told them he was trying to go viral . . . although it's not clear if he was being filmed at the time.


Anyway, he was cited for reckless driving and the cops confiscated his panda suit. 



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