Key Updates on the Las Vegas Shooting

Two Key Updates on the Las Vegas Shooting


  Here's the latest on the shooting in Las Vegas . . .


1.  More information about the shooter is coming out . . . all of it is frightening, and it STILL isn't helping us figure out his motive.


The FBI says it's clear that the shooter planned to escape from his hotel room.  The note he left behind was NOT a suicide note, although they didn't say what he wrote.  And there were 50 pounds of explosives and more ammo left behind in his car. 


They also confirmed that he scouted other potential places for his massacre.  Apparently he booked a hotel overlooking Lollapalooza in Chicago in August . . . and MALIA OBAMA was attending that . . . but he didn't show up.


And he also looked at hotels with a view of Fenway Park in Boston.


And finally, his girlfriend told the FBI he had displayed some mental health issues . . . including lying in bed, moaning, and screaming.


2.  The shooter modified his weapons using a device called bump stocks, which can make rifles fire like automatic weapons.  So now, they're drawing a lot of attention.


Many members of Congress are calling for them to be banned . . . and surprisingly, the NRA says they should probably be subject to more regulations too.


Now . . . that's not necessarily a sign that the NRA has had a change of heart.


The most cynical view is that they figure if all the attention is focused on bump stocks, that will satisfy people who want change . . . and no other gun control measures will happen.


And, of course, gun stores say that ever since bump stocks made the news . . . and the talk started about banning them . . . there's been a RUSH to buy them.


The owner of a gun store in Austin, Texas told CNN, quote, "It's been insane.  Since this story broke, we've been getting about 50 people a day asking for them."


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