Woman Goes Blind From Playing Game on Her Phone For Full Day Straight

A Woman Goes Blind From Playing a Game on Her Phone For a Full Day Straight


 See, this is why you should only stare at your phone for 15 or 16 hours a day.  Anything more than that just seems excessive.


A 21-year-old woman in Nancheng, China named Wu Xiaojing loved a game on her phone called "Honour of Kings".  And last week, she had a day off of work, so she spent the ENTIRE day playing.


At least . . . she spent the entire day playing until her right eye stopped working.


She went to the hospital and she was diagnosed with Retinal Artery Occlusion, which is normally something that only happens to elderly people.


And there's a chance she'll be permanently blind in that eye . . . it's still too early to say.


But Wu is pressing on.  There's a picture that was circulating around of her in the hospital the day after her eye stopped working . . . and she's got her phone in her hand. 




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