Wednesday Morning Moron Award 10/11/17

A Car Thief Leaves His Incredible Hulk Hands Behind on a Steering Wheel


  If you're picking gloves to wear to hide your fingerprints during a robbery, wouldn't you want the MOST flexible gloves, not the least flexible ones?


A 33-year-old guy named Ariel Contreras broke into a car in Pasco, Washington around 1:30 A.M. on Monday.  Someone spotted him and confronted him, so he ran, but he left something behind.


Apparently he was wearing big, fake, green Incredible Hulk hands during the robbery, and he left them attached to the steering wheel.


And yes, the person who owned the car confirmed that the Hulk hands were NOT there before the robbery, so Ariel definitely left them in there.


Anyway, the cops tracked him down a few blocks away and he was arrested for vehicle prowling and possession of stolen property. 


(UPI / Facebook

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