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The Perfect City to Live in Based on Your Zodiac Sign


 Get ready to either be really interested, or start rolling your eyes.  An ASTROLOGIST went through all 12 zodiac signs, and came up with a list of the best city to live in depending on when you were born.  Here's what she says . . .


1.  If you're an Aries, it's Chicago.  You need excitement, so a big city is best.  But you also need to be able to escape, and have easy access to nature.  So having a car is important.  And that's easier in Chicago than New York.


2.  If you're a Taurus, you should live in Westport, Connecticut.  You need access to a big city, and it's an hour from New York.  But Tauruses would rather OWN a home than rent.  So you'll do better in the suburbs.


3.  If you're a Gemini, move to London.  Geminis tend to be very into learning and continuing their education.  And there are a lot of big museums and schools there.


4.  If you're a Cancer, it's Charleston, South Carolina.  Cancers like privacy, want to be financially secure, and have a family.  Charleston is a good spot for all three.


5.  If you're a Leo, move to Spain.  Specifically Ibiza.  Leos like to entertain people, need a lot of sunshine, and tend to be a little vain.  So somewhere impressive is good. 


6.  If you're a Virgo, move to Stockholm, Sweden.  Virgos do best in places that are orderly, close to nature, and have communities where people look out for each other. 


7.  If you're a Libra, head to Prague in the Czech Republic.  Libras like a lot of culture, but need to be somewhere safe.  And Prague is one of the safest cities.


8.  If you're a Scorpio, move to Tokyo.  Scorpios tend to gravitate toward things that are trendy, and kind of intense.  Tokyo is a good fit for both of those.


9.  If you're a Sagittarius, the perfect city is Jerusalem.  You need a place with a lot of history, where you can live simply, and travel whenever you want to. 


10.  If you're a Capricorn, head to Berlin, Germany.  It's stylish, traditional, and somewhat cheap, which are all good if you're a Capricorn.  And places there tend to be pretty spacious.  Which is good, because Capricorns have HOARDING tendencies.


11.  If you're an Aquarius, the best city to live in is Austin, Texas.  It's a good place to be if you like to do your own thing, be active in the community, and embrace your quirkiness.  Those things usually apply if you're an Aquarius. 


12.  If you're a Pisces, head to Salzburg, Austria.  It's on a river, which is good because Pisces need to be close to water.  And it's good because music is probably important to you.  "The Sound of Music" was filmed near Salzburg, and Mozart was born there.  



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